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Hello and Welcome to Thimble Pie!

My name is Karen (pictured here with my newest godson! #mush). This is my blog. I like laughing, meeting new people, the smell of lemons, and sleeping late. I am Catholic and very happy to be. I have been married to a wonderful guy for quite a while now.

I like to make things. All sorts of things… simple things, challenging things, pretty things, useful things. Sometimes the things I make are edible, and sometimes they are not.

On four occasions, the things I made turned out to be people. Small, loud, funny people. And those people also like to make things. So we all live in a house in Ann Arbor and make things, including lots of messes. It seems like one big mess sometimes, but it’s our mess, and we like it.

In this loud, messy, not-very-new house, we have lots of fun with family and friends of all ages. Our house has a pool, lots of gardens, a big backyard, nice neighbors, and a never-ending supply of renovation projects to make sure that we can’t get bored. It’s a nice house that has a little room with big windows where I can hide with my tea and make things when the rest of the house is too loud or too messy. It has sewing machines in it which makes it my favorite room.

My second favorite room is the kitchen. I like to cook and bake in it, and someday I will give it the renovation it wants. I used to hang out here with my friend Sugar all the time, but I had to set some firm boundaries when I realized Sugar was secretly making me overweight. So now I mostly eat my meals with plenty of Fat and enough Protein. I am keto-adapted and at a healthy weight, and I try to find new ways to make tasty things that won’t overstay their welcome in my adipose tissue. My people aren’t yet quite so sure that sweet, innocent Sugar would do something that malicious (or worse), so I do prepare a fair bit of the usual carb-laden food for them too, albeit reluctantly.

When I am not making things, I am usually repairing things… or cleaning things… or thinking about making other things. My life is quite full these days, but I really enjoy it. This blog will share projects, recipes, reviews, and more. I hope you find some inspiration, humor, and the resources to do some making of your own. Welcome!

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