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The Play’s the Thing… Costume Sewing

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Because apparently May isn’t busy enough as it is, I have volunteered to sew several costumes for my 7th grader’s school play. All 4 of my kids attend a really great Catholic school near our home… the same school both my husband and I attended as kids… and we spend a lot of time there helping out, socializing with the fun parent community, and generally having a good time while the kids get educated. Did I mention we’re a family of extroverts? Some service to the school is required simply to help staff the playground during lunch and make sure our annual auction happens, but other service is optional. Since I love to sew, and I love the school, and my own kid is acting this year (not in a main role, but I still can’t wait for this!), I figured offering costume help was the right thing to do.

My task is to make two Snow White costumes (for 2 different bodies) and one Evil Queen costume. I need to make them as close to the Disney original as is reasonably possible… I am still brainstorming the particulars, but have picked up Simplicity 2813 and Simplicity 1045 as a starting point.

  Simplicity 1045

I also need to make these as sturdy but dirt-cheaply as possible. Luckily I am pretty good at scrounging. All 3 of these dresses have voluminous skirts and capes and will require massive yardages. My plan is to use some sturdy polyester tablecloths for the yellow skirts, purple dress and black cape at a cost of about $3 or less per yard. My fabric hoard stash provided some actual navy velvet (origin unknown), stiff interfacing for the collars, plenty of lining material, and a roll of cheap red velvet for capes (this actually came with our house… it was just chilling in the garage with a pile of other random leavings when we moved in).

I’ll check back when I have more to report… I get measurements next week.



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