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A Few Favorite Sewing Notions

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I’ve been doing a little Spring cleaning in my sewing area, and thought it’d be a good time to share some of my most used and beloved little tools and sewing notions. This is not an exhaustive list, of course, but certainly a start!

Iris Swiss Super Fine Pins

It seems silly to recommend something as basic as a pin, but if you use them a lot, it becomes a lot easier to have real preferences. I have many little containers of different sorts of pins, but these are by far my favorite pins for dressmaking. They don’t bend and don’t leave holes, just like they promise. And the tin they come in is quite a neat little thing all by itself… you push down on the top to release the lid, and squeeze in from the sides to secure the lid back on.


There are a lot of ways to corral your bobbins, but I like this inexpensive little contraption for it’s compact and portable simplicity. The rubbery material easily grips bobbins to prevent thread tails from growing, and prevents them from falling out. If you’ve ever dropped a bobbin and watched angrily as it unapologetically rolls into a distant corner under the furniture, you’ll appreciate this tool as much as I do.


This is not marketed as a sewing tool, but it is insanely helpful for getting measurements in the round… waist, hips, bicep, neck, head, etc. Especially if you are measuring yourself without the help of another person.

Slice Precision Cutter

This is a cute, comfortable, and very handy tool for cutting out all the curves and details of paper patterns and many other paper applications. It’s a lot safer than an X-acto knife (short blade) with the same functionality, and I keep finding new tasks that it seems to handle with ease. The ceramic blade will last longer than metal, and stays sharper.

ArtBin Super Satchel storage boxes

I have several types of ArtBins floating around my sewing room, and have been using them happily for the past decade or so. They will live a long happy life in your sewing area too because they are as versatile as they are durable… you might be using them for storing ribbon or buttons now, but they will easily convert to storage of a different kid when you want to reorganize. I am a fan of reusing and repurposing, and these boxes just won’t quit.

I hope you have found this little list helpful. Do you have certain sewing or craft items that you always recommend? Leave a comment with your personal favorites!

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