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Costume Update… Muslin Making is Done!

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My Snow White and Evil Queen costumes are coming along… Last week, I took measurements, then completed the muslin making for each of 3 bodices and tested them out on the girls. No major tweaks needed, even the Evil Queen’s bodice with the giant collar I drafted (!!). To save my sanity, I plan to eliminate the yoke pieces by making a separate collar piece (which needs to be a white and heavily reinforced anyway, and perhaps attached to the cape). I can start cutting real fabric and making something much more exciting than marked-up scrappy beige shells. 2/3 of those marked-up scrappy beige shells can now become bodice linings (I am reminding myself that these are middle school costumes, and the insides don’t have any business being beautiful).

evil queen bodice muslin

Some of the tools I used to make the muslins include a cutting and craft board, wax tracing paper and a stiletto wheel. Two of the three dresses (and possibly a third hacked doublet for my own kid’s costume) need to come from a single tissue pattern, so I don’t want to cut into it (yet, anyway). Most of the craft boards and wax papers I use have come from estate sales (in case you are like me and love treasure hunting! oh, how I love treasure hunting!), but they are inexpensive items and can still be found easily online and at places like Joann Fabrics. My favorite needle-point stiletto wheel came from WAWAK.com, which is a great place to get sewing tools and consumable supplies like thread and zippers if you need more than a small order.

cardboard sewing and craft board wax tracing paper needle-point stiletto

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