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Hospital-Type Newborn Wrap Top Sewing Pattern



Designed after the ever-popular and ubiquitous newborn wrap tops offered by most American hospital maternity wards, this versatile sewing pattern can be used to make tops that are equally functional but so much more fun for baby. Great as gifts for the new parent you love or for your own little munchkin, this single-size pattern with built in mitts will keep baby warm and snuggly with a minimum of fuss.

This is a pattern designed for those who don’t really need comprehensive construction directions. Basic instructions are provided, but construction techniques and design considerations are at your discretion. Be unique! Make it yours! Get in touch with pictures of your finished projects and details of your design choices to be featured and linked to at thimblepie.com.

Snaps shown are from Kamsnaps. Size 14 or 16 snaps recommended.

Garments made with this pattern may be sold for profit, but please give design credit to thimblepie.com with a link or in print.

Happy sewing!


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