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You Learn by Living

You Learn By Living: Eleven Keys for a More Fulfilling Life

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You Learn By Living: Eleven Keys for a More Fulfilling Life was written by Eleanor Roosevelt and published in the 1960s as an answer to questions she received in the mail. After watching Ken Burn’s The Roosevelts, I realized why Eleanor was so admired as a public figure, and why her wisdom was much sought.

In You Learn By Living, Eleanor covers a lot of ground. Her 11 keys to a more fulfilling life include learning to learn, fear – the great enemy, the uses of time, the difficult art of maturity, readjustment is endless, learning to be useful, the right to be an individual, how to get the best out of people, facing responsibility, how everyone can take part in politics, and learning to be a public servant.

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It’s Intense Crazy Time! (aka The Ides of May)


Oh my… this May has been so busy I ran right through my scheduled posts and am now playing catch up. Except there is no time for catch up! It’s crazy time, no doubt. I finished the Evil Queen costume and dropped it off, but somehow I still need to produce a crown and the doublet/hose costume in the next 32 hours to be “on time”. We’ll see.


We were out of town this past weekend “up north Michigan” to an association of lakeshore cottages of which we are partners, to do some preparation for the summer rental season ahead. We went up with another partner family (who happen to be our good friends), and our collective crazy cool kids ran around and caught crayfish in the chilly lake while we worked. We tore down a derelict tree house, cut dead ash trees, burned brush, put out docks, made repairs to various things, and did some general cleaning. We spent some quality social time hygging by the fireplace with beverages too, of course. Getting away at this crazy time made it even crazier, but it was a breath of fresh air both literally and figuratively… I am so glad we went. Good friends and physical exertion can cover a multitude of sadness and stress. I am home again feeling much better prepared to handle the next month of life and all the good and not-so-good that will come with it.

friends and demo

up north


This week, in addition to finishing all the costume bits, baseball games, a 5K, and a 3 play performances, we’re troubleshooting a leak in our pool and hoping to plant out the gardens. I guess we’ll sleep next month 😉 By the pool. With margaritas. Here’s hoping, anyway!